About Me

I’m Chelsea. Currently I work for a hospital system as an audiologist during the day, while completing my Masters in Business Administration in the evenings. I have always loved to travel, and have been fortunate enough to see many wonderful places. After returning from a recent trip and discovering, literally thousands of pictures on my phone and computer I was inspired to start a blog as a place to store keepsakes from my travels. My mom always encouraged me to keep a travel journal and over the years I have kept notes and photos here and there from my adventures, but I’m excited to create a space to look back on my journeys. My aunt started the tradition of sending postcards home to each other from trips we are actually on together, so that’s where the name in the blog comes from. MBA school and a full time job keep me very busy, so I have not had as much time for big adventures, from time to time I may post from past trips or places I’m wanderlusting after.