Graham’s First Birthday Party

Winter Onederland First Birthday Party

winter onederland first birthday cake
winter onederland first birthday party decor
winter onederland first birthday party
winter onederland birthday party
winter onederland birthday party

Waking up as a one year old on his first birthday!

Graham had a wonderful first birthday party at our home on the day before his actual birthday. I decided on a “Winter Onerderland” theme. We served potato soup and chili and had a hot chocolate bar to go with the theme. I set up a cookie decorating and snowman making station outside for the few older kids that came. My coworker made the most adorable shirt for Graham to wear. I think the whole party turned out really cute. Graham had a good time with all of his new toys and books, and of course the wrapping paper. We had such a good time celebrating with friends and family! I was so thankful to be able to have a small get together safely in our home this year! As you can see from the photos the smash cake was a huge hit. All it took was one bite and Graham was ready to demolish the cake. We love our one year old boy!!

Graham is Twelve Months Old!

48 weeks – day light savings time got to us all

48 weeks – napping with Aunt Jody while Mom and Dad went to the Panther’s game. (day light savings time at it again!)

48 weeks – first time in a grocery buggy – of course it was at Total Wine

48 weeks – napping with Mommy. This will never get old to me sweet boy.

48 weeks – eating spaghetti

48 weeks – First Chic-Fil-A

49 weeks – eating stir fry and cheesing it up!

49 weeks – dinner at Moe’s – the black beans were a hit – one of your first times in a restaurant (Covid Kid)

49 weeks – Your First Thanksgiving

49 weeks- post Thanksgiving nap

50 weeks – home for a sick day with Daddy – Facetimeing Mommy at work

50 weeks – In a real pickle – stuck under the bar stool

50 weeks – lounging at the table out to lunch

50 weeks – Christmas at Old Salem

51 weeks – starting to learn how to use your cup

51 weeks – your favorite face to make

51 weeks- Reynolda Gardens

My sweet Graham how can it be that you have been ours for over a year! It has been the hardest, most challenging, sleep deprived year, that has been the most wonderful time with SO MUCH JOY! You are the absolute love of our lives and watching you grow this past year has been just the most rewarding experience. At 12 months you are cruising around with ease and getting anywhere you want to go. You’re not quite walking but it will be here soon enough. You happily eat most anything we serve you and are getting better and better at using your sippy cup and feeding yourself. You want to do it all with no help! You’re sleeping through the night very well now, which we are SO THANKFUL for. You’re doing lots of jabbering and talking. Your first word was “ba” for ball. You are almost always happy and smiling, and able to go with the flow most of the time. You still love playing ball with Bertie. Books are becoming more interesting to you. We are soaking up this time with you because you are just SO MUCH FUN right now! I’ve said it before but you were such a bright light for us in a challenging time for so many. While 2021 was certainly better than 2020 for us, we are so thankful for the light and joy you brought to us! We love you so big little one!