Graham’s First Haircut



We had a special day getting Graham’s first haircut. Mike gave me my first haircut when I was about 2 years old. He was fresh out of school and for some reason he just hit it off with my family! He has been doing all of our hair pretty much ever since then. Graham is the fourth generation of our family to see Mike! Dadima and Pop Pop, Aunt Jody, and Penny all joined us for the haircut. Graham was such a good sport, just eating crackers and letting Mike trim up his hair. We had a very tiny little trim done just to get it out of his eyes and got the back trimmed up so it would be more even. I just love his hair so much and didn’t want to loose the baby curls! Although, I’m pretty convinced he is going to end up with my curly hair, it looks a lot like mine did when I was little. We went for pizza and ice cream afterwards to celebrate what a great job Graham did!

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