Create Your Own Wedding Photo Booth

How to Create Your Own DIY Wedding Photo Booth Using Photo Booth App

Let’s face it, it can be pretty pricey to have a wedding photo booth. But they’re so much fun and guest love them! Plus you will love having a copy of all the pictures of friends and family having a blast on your wedding day. So why not DIY a photo booth for a fraction of the cost? Using the LumaBooth app and an iPad we were able to set up a simple photo booth at our wedding. The app is free, but requires a $19.99 monthly subscription to be able to access all of the features you will want for a wedding day photo booth.

To set up your DIY wedding photo booth you will need an iPad, a tripod, and a light. You could get fancy with the light source, but we found this cheap clip on selfie light did the trick. You’re also going to want plenty of party props and a sign pointing out the set up for your guests. I ordered most of the party props on Amazon; I found a few at the Dollar Store, and some at Hobby Lobby. The Selfie Station sign is from a template I purchased on Etsy.

Using the LumaBooth app you can create an event, and set up everything in advance so that all guests have to do is press start. The app will direct them for the rest. LumaBooth also allows you to customize the layout of your photos which I really liked. I was able to use the template that I purchased on Etsy so that the prints matched everything else at the wedding. I thought this was a cool feature. The app allows for regular photos, GIFs, and boomerangs. I selected to just use the photo and GIFs. Guests can select for the images to be sent to them via text message or email. One other feature that I really liked is that all of the photos are saved directly to the iPad you set it up on. You have each of the individual photos as well as the final photo grid. I loved being able to look at them all after the wedding. This would be fun to use for a birthday party, or other gathering as well. It was so easy to set up and the photos are such a fun memory.

And for the best part… here are some pictures from our wedding photo booth.

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