Makeup Essentials for a Perfect Bridal Look

When you have a destination wedding there are a few things that are just not going to be the same as if you got married in your home town. Finding the perfect makeup artist with a few trial runs might be one of those. Some people find it in their budget to have a hair and makeup artist travel with them, I however did not. Some people practice and do it themselves, I considered this but decided against it. And some people are lucky enough to have a friend or sister who can do it for them.

I had my makeup done at the resort spa and was ultimately satisfied with how it turned out. I feel like she did a good job (especially for not having had a trial run). However one of the best tips I got was to bring ALL of my own makeup with me for her to use. I would highly suggest that if you are planning a destination wedding you consider doing this as well. You do not want to find out on your wedding day that you are allergic to the mascara they used or that not a single shade of foundation they have is gonna work for you.

When I looked into the price of hiring a makeup artist locally, it turns out that buying and bringing your makeup actually ends up being FAR MORE economical, even when you buy high end makeup. Plus it’s yours and you can use it more than just one day.

I am definitely not a makeup expert but I have watched my fair share of YouTube tutorials and have spent WAY TOO much money at Sephora trying products! So here are all the products that were in my makeup bag for the perfect bridal look.

  • Foundation – This particular foundation holds up really well (legit lasts all day) and makes your skin look flawless. Notice that it has no SPF, any foundation with SPF should be off the list as it can make your skin look strange in flash photography.
  • Concealer – I have tried a lot of under eye concealers because I have dark circles even when I’m well rested. This one works especially well for brightening up the under eyes and doesn’t crease like some concealers can.
  • Mascara – Waterproof mascara is essential for your wedding day look. There is no need to spend top dollar on high end beauty brands as this particular one is in the makeup kits of all the pros.
  • Setting Powder – Lock your makeup in place and keep the shine down. Also helps give your skin an airbrushed look. I have tried several and the Make Up Forever is my favorite, but this one is a close second.
  • Eye Shadow Palette – Choose one that has colors that go with your skin, eyes, and hair while still feeling fairly neutral. I loved this one by Stila, but you can get good eyeshadow palettes at many different price points.
  • Blush – You will see I included two. The Bobbi Brown (Sandy Pink) would be my go to for a wedding look if I could just pick one. The NARS colors are much more pigmented and have a shimmer finish. I did use a bit of both because I like how they mix. Be careful with shimmer as it can make you look shiny in photographs. For this reason, you’ll notice I specifically didn’t include any highlighters on this list.
  • False Lashes – I love these lashes. They are the easiest to put on and are completely comfortable to wear. Plus they are v cheap. This particular style is my favorite for a more natural glam look.
  • Setting Spray – This truly does make your makeup last longer and keeps it all in place. Exactly what you need for your wedding day.
  • Corrector – To me this product is the holy grail for dark under eyes. It is designed to neutralize and brighten any darkness. It is used in combination with a concealer under the eyes, do not use it alone.
  • Brow Powder – I have tried tons of different brow products (pencils, pomades, gels) and for me personally, I like the look of powder the best. I feel like it holds up well without looking too overdone. I also add in this clear setting gel.
  • Liquid Liner – I have to give credit to the resort makeup artist for this one as I hadn’t tried it before. It is $3 dollars at the drugstore, doesn’t smudge or run, and is by far the easiest liquid liner to use I have ever tried.
  • Shadow Stick – I have these in lots of colors. They are super versatile for different looks and have serious long lasting power. It takes practice but I also use these as eyeliner. Usually I line the inside of my eyes and my waterline with them and it makes my lashes look so much thicker.
  • Lipstick – I wanted a natural looking pink for a more timeless look. Faux by MAC fit the bill. This is a satin finish so it not drying and holds up well.
  • Shadow Primer – This is the perfect primer for eyeshadow. It perfectly evens out the eyelid tone and gives a great base for shadow to stick to.
  • Lip Liner – I prefer a natural looking lip liner that blends in with the lip color and your lip. Dervish by MAC goes well with the lipstick I chose.
  • Bronzer – This is a great bronzer because you can use it as a contour shade as well as a bronzer. It is also matte so it is good for photography, unlike a lot of bronzers that have shimmer in them.
  • Primer – Starting with a good primer to even the skin and give the makeup something to stick to is important. This primer helps to give an airbrushed flawless look to you skin and definitely helps makeup last.
  • Lash Glue – This is hands down the best lash glue. I always get the one that dries clear. Often lashes come with their own glue, you don’t want to use it – buy this instead.

Proof that my makeup lasted…

I hope that this post is helpful for creating your perfect wedding day look! This post has more details on our destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica if you want to know more!

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