The Random List of Baby Things You Actually Need!

Now that I have an 8 month old (omg how did that happen?!?) I feel qualified to make a few suggestions about things you need and don’t need for a new baby. But so do a lot of other people on the internet. And they all seem to come up with about the same lists. So here’s a few things that don’t necessarily make the list of the most popular must haves. You know you need a stroller and a crib, but what are you going to be ordering at 3 am off Amazon to make your life easier. And what things are out there that you may not even know about because this is all new, and you like me have no clue what is actually going on most of the time with parenting. Also. Shout out to the mom friends that will gift you all the things you don’t even know you need. Get you some of those people in your life if you don’t already have them.

  • Bath Temperature Duck – This duck floats in the bath water to let you know if the temperature is just right. So smart.
  • Changing Pad Mats– These were gifted to us by a friend. We would have never known to buy them. They go on top of the changing pad sheet so that you can keep the sheet from getting filthy with diaper changes.
  • Bath Set – Elbow pads and knee pads for mom and dad and a faucet cover to prevent bumped heads. We have the matching bath tub and really like it too.
  • Zip-Up or Magnetic Onesies – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for ALL those snaps in the middle of the night with a crying baby. The four pack of zip-up onesies makes more sense for the wallet, but the magnetic ones are just so fun!
  • Pacifiers – These are our favorite and the only ones he really likes. We had multiple brands on hand to try, and once we settled on these I ordered SO MANY. Just when you think you have enough order a few more. Seriously you do not want to be looking for them at 4 am.
  • Piano Toy– We were gifted this as well. This was the first toy that he really showed any interest in and 8 months later he still plays with it. Money well spent since most things last a few weeks at this stage.
  • Car Seat Protector– Also a gift from a friend. They protect the actual seats in your car. We haven’t hit the snacks in the car stage yet, but an infant car seat is still rough on the car leather and these help them from completely ruining your car.
  • Haakaa– If your breastfeeding this is great for catching the letdown from the other side. If you’re like me and like OK great what does that even mean, watch this video.
  • Kimono Shirts – For the kid that HATES having his clothes pulled on over his head. We learned from our newborn photographer that the regular infant onesies can actually be pulled down over their body rather than back over their heads to get them off. It takes a village.
  • Happiest Baby Swaddle – If you are familiar with the Snoo, these are the same swaddles, just made to be used in a crib or regular bassinet. These are the ONLY swaddle that he couldn’t escape from and would actually sleep in. You will find people are devoted to the swaddle that works for them and it’s different for all babies. For us this one was it.
  • Bum Spatula – Spreading diaper cream with your hand just seems gross.

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