Paris – Day 1

This is long overdue. We went to Paris in 2019 on our honeymoon. I don’t claim to be a travel blogger who tells you all the places to go, and takes all the glamorous pictures. I take snapshots of our real travel and real experiences. And I started this site so I would have them all collected in a place to come and look back on them. And I never posted these because, time got away from me, and then it was covid, and it was depressing to look at pictures of us travelling and having fun when we were locked down panicked about the future. So now here we are two years and (almost) two babies and a global pandemic later, and it’s wonderful to look back on these and see how much has changed in our lives since then.

We spent a week in Paris and since it has been so long ago, I’ll probably just post the pictures from each day with the highlights from the day. We stayed in the Marais District at a really great AirBnB. The host was wonderful, we were near a big metro stop, we loved exploring the area around the apartment and felt it was convenient to everything we wanted to see.

On the first day we dropped our bags at the apartment and went straight to Rue Cler. This was our first chance to learn how to navigate the metro. Sean had an app that he found that was super helpful, you could put in where you wanted to go and it would give you the best route using your current location, but overall we found the metro super easy to use. We had breakfast at a restaurant we came across and spent the morning checking out the shops along the street. We bought wine and cheese and snacks for our apartment. We had planned to try to stay up all day to get adjusted to the time change, but ultimately didn’t make it. We were up basically all night on the plane, and just crashed after our morning out. That evening we went out to explore the Marais district. We stopped in a brasserie (pretty sure it was called Cafe Charlot) along our walk for dinner and had a delicious meal. After dinner we went to Little Red Door and then to Shake N’ Smash. The Little Red Door has been rated one of the top 50 bars in the world. Pro tip – if you go there you don’t actually enter through the red door, there is a blue door to the left that you can’t see because it matches the wall. You’re welcome. We looked like idiots. But so did a whole bunch of other people trying to get in. We grabbed a few fancy cocktails, before heading home to call it a day.

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