Graham is Eleven Months Old!

43 weeks – playing in your ball pit with Daddy

43 weeks – playing with Mommy

44 weeks – Ms. Tamara caught you standing at school for the first time

45 weeks – ON THE MOVE! Playing with your reflection in the faucet!

45 weeks – playing at home

45 weeks – swinging at the park

46 weeks – the weather turned cold and you (and Mommy) were not a fan!

46 weeks – you are the sweetest little boy

47 weeks- your first Halloween

47 weeks – you can do your bottle all on your own, but only when you want to!

You and Bertie have become best friends at the table this month! You love to let her have a bite of your food!

47 Weeks – Diwali lighting the diyas

47 weeks – Saturday couch naps with Mommy are the best!

11 months old – heading up the stairs on your own!

Eleven months with you! It is so hard to believe that in a few short weeks we will be celebrating your first birthday! This has been a huge month of milestones for you! You already seem like such a big boy compared to only a short time ago. You started pulling up to stand on everything this month. You first started around 44 weeks and as soon as you did that it was off the the races, you can pull up and walk along the couch now, the wall, the kitchen cabinets, and the bath tub. Anywhere really. Your crawling is getting faster and faster too! I know its only a matter of time before you can walk on your own! At the prodding of your teacher we finally expanded your diet this month. You’re eating meat, beans, noodles, and pretty much all the fruits and veggies now. Within a few days of starting to eat more food, you decided you were done with breastfeeding. At 45 weeks you nursed on Wednesday morning before school, and then on Thursday you were all done, wouldn’t hear of it. I was glad to be done if I’m being honest (you have eight teeth!), but I was more happy that it was your decision and it really wasn’t an issue at all! Your eating SO much food now! It is shocking to your Dad and I how much you can eat at a meal. You’re taking less and less milk from a bottle and have even dropped a bottle fed this month. We celebrated your first Halloween. You were the cutest avocado if I do say so! Dadima bought your costume since it’s still your favorite food it just seemed perfect to her. Mom and Dad went away on long weekend vacation to the mountains and you stayed home for a few nights with Dadima and Poppa Bob. We are so thankful that they have been so helpful and love being with you! You had a little sleep set back at the beginning of the month, but the last few weeks you have been doing great, sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. We are still working on naps, you’ve been taking a long nap at school, but so far won’t do that at home. You are talking more and more now and are a waving man! You wave at everyone we come across. On your 11 month birthday you surprised us by taking off up the stairs, you made it all the way up on your first try without any help! You are turning into a little boy right before our eyes and it is such a joy to watch! You are the sweetest boy and we love you so! We love you big little one!

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