Graham is Eighteen Months old!

What a whirlwind the last few months have been. You’re a big brother now! You are all boy, all the time. You’re running non stop. You wake up in the morning saying “outside,” and you can play ball for hours. You request to watch ball on TV now, asking for different sports constantly, “te te,” “butball,” baeball,” “hoop,” “poccer ball.” You are loving school and finally happy to be left with your teacher Ms. Caitlin every morning. You will take a 2+ hour nap at school every day, but we still can’t get you to do the same at home. At home you take a morning and afternoon nap still. At your 18 month check up you were 26 pounds. You got one shot, and did really well until that night. It was the first time you called out for “mommy” in the night and it just broke my heart to hear you. You are learning new words constantly now. You repeat lots of things you hear and we can see you learning so quickly. One of the things that surprised me most recently was at 17 months you were carrying two pacis, you held them both up and said “TWO!” You are still loving swim lessons and we also joined a pool and have been spending lots of time swimming lately! You are a great big brother, you want to give Sissy a paci, pat her on the head, and share your snacks with her. You weren’t jealous of her at all and didn’t act out when she first came home. I love hearing you call for “Sissy.” Pop Pop and Dadima have been with us quite a bit lately and you are obsessed with them. You have started calling Dadima “Mina” and we all crack up. What a wild and joyful last few months! We love you big!!

16 Months

eating biscuits

Choo Choo book with Daddy and Bertie

reading books with Mommy (and Sissy)

Couch selfie with Daddy

loving swim lessons

The best Baby Shark bubble machine!

one last only child nap on the couch with Mommy

trying out Sissy’s bows

last family photo as a family of 3

Staying with JoJo waiting for sissy to come

Welcoming Sissy home

Marching off to school! You do the cutest thing with your right arm now when you walk!

Family of Four!

Such a wonderful big brother, keeping watch on your Sissy!

Downtown adventures

The coolest little boy

Big Brother on Easter


Elephant Feet!

Still loving hats!

Sissy’s bows come in handy for all this hair!

More downtown fun with Daddy!

You love grocery shopping with Mommy on Sunday mornings!

You are your Daddy’s little boy! You love cleaning!

Rowing the boat in Sissy’s Dock a Tot

17 months

School playground time!

Always with a ball!

Mother’s Day!

Beet burgers!

Meeting the horses!

Park adventures with Daddy!

Swim lessons!

Sprinkler time!

Cooling off with a smoothie

The cutest boy ready for a neighborhood picnic

Reading books in Bertie’s bed

New Ball! All ball. All the time.

Sick day on the mall train

Sunday at the baseball stadium with free carousel rides!

Memorial Day with the matching outfits

Haircut time!

Cake for Daddy’s birthday!

Park fun!

18 Months!

School Picture Day!

Meeting the Carter’s at Grandpa Jack’s memorial service

Pinehurst Number 5

Hanging with Pop Pop

Visit from Kaka and Kaki

Family outing to the Disco Turkeys game!

18 month check up

Obsessed with the Christmas book!

Pool days… you’re just here for the snacks

broom! broom! broom!

National Mud Day at school!

Loving our summer days at the pool!

Playing in your toy box!

Happy Fourth of July!

We waited a long time for this moment! Getting your FIRST covid vaccine!!!!

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