Graham is Twenty One Months Old!

Wow! We’re almost to two! What a crazy whirlwind of adventure! You are such a happy joyful little wild boy! I feel like the past few months you have really transitioned from a baby to a big boy! Your biggest milestones over the past few months has been your speech! At 19 months you started calling your sister “Elllie” and you started using short sentences like “Daddy Walk,” and from there your speech just exploded at 20 months. It’s unbelievable how well you are communicating now! You started trying to say your ABC’s at 19 months and now at 22 months you are really working on your counting and your ABC’s. We are constantly singing the ABC song at your request. I love to hear you talk about yourself in 3rd person, you are calling yourself “Gah.” On September 22 you said “I love mommy” while we were on vacation at the beach and it was the absolute best thing I have ever heard sweet boy!!

We had a bout of sickness in August and you missed several days of school. Mina and Pop Pop have officially become our neighbors and you are loving having them around all the time now! We have spent so much time at the pool this summer, and you are still loving swim lessons. You’re jumping in like a pro now, and honestly a bit of a liability because you are so comfortable in the water. You gave up your paci at 20 months. At the dentist suggestion we went cold turkey; the first few nights were rough but then your were over it. You love to climb up on the arm of the couch and jump back onto the couch now. We all just get the biggest kick out of this! You got your first “big boy” haircut! We had a wonderful week at the beach with Jo Jo and Penny joining us too! You are still completely obsessed with all things baseball and love to spend Sunday’s at the ballpark! The bad news is the season is over, the good news is football season is here! Fall brings lots of fun activities, we took you out of school for an afternoon at the fair and we went to the pumpkin patch. We have so much to look forward to in the next few months with all the holidays coming, but it is so hard to believe you will be TWO!! We adore watching you grow sweet boy! We love you SO big!!!

19 months

Playing at school

Trip to the children’s museum

Checking out the dinos at the children’s museum

celebrating our Francey Girl with ice cream on July 9th

Afternoon at the farmer’s market

The sweetest brother and sister holding hands in my lap

matchy matchy

Playing with your Jo Jo

Meeting your cousins for the first time

Uncle D

still loving swim lessons

Too hot to do anything but drive out to the country and eat ice cream

bath time is so much fun

Picking flowers for KK at school

Trying to enjoy lunch out with these two little monkeys

20 months

wearing Daddy and Kaka’s shirt

Sweet boy not feeling good at our afternoon picnic at Reynolda

but still wanting to play, play, play

maybe ice cream will help you feel better

The cutest top knot before your big haircut

Ms. Liz cutting your hair with a big boy haircut

You look so grown up with your haircut

Sunday at the baseball stadium

Absolutely not a fan of the “Elmo”

Applesauce is life.

After a trip to Trader Joe’s

Found a ball, all ball all the time still…

Weekends at the pool, you are such a vibe right now

So happy to have Mina and Pop Pop here all the time!

such a vibe…

21 months

21 weeks and 21 months

still love a good hat

Pizza and baseball with Mina, Pop Pop, and Papa Sam

September 11 at the ballpark

This smile is my very favorite. You love the baseball games!

Just some Tar Heels testing out our new stroller

Swimming lessons

In the firetruck at the fair


We had a special day with just Graham at the fair! What a fun day!!

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