Ellis Ann is Seven Months Old!

Another month of fun with you sweet girl! You are growing by leaps and bounds! This month your big milestone is that you started sitting up on your own at 28 weeks old. You are a rolly poly playing girl now! Rolling all over the place to get to your toys and get into everything!

We celebrated Diwali with Mina and Pop Pop this month. We had your first Halloween this month, and you were the cutest Minnie I have ever seen!! We walked for our Francey this month. We miss her so much and wish she could be here to see you and your brother grow! She would just be over the moon for you!

We started trying to eat solid foods this month, so far you’re less than impressed. You like playing with the spoons, but that ‘s about it! You’ve had another ear infection this month, but are honestly handling really well.

Graham asks “hold sissy hand” on our walks now and I just wish I could bottle this joy up and keep it forever. My hope for you two is that you will always want each other by your side. Seeing him love on you brings me so much happiness. We love you big little one!!

26 weeks – Six month check up

26 weeks – waiting our 15 minutes after covid shot # 1

26 weeks – wear pink day to school

27 weeks – trying out the high chair at the table for the first time

27 weeks – first bite of real food (baby oatmeal)- not a fan

27 weeks – “Gah hold sissy hand” the sweetest thing

27 weeks – working on sitting up, almost got it mastered

27 weeks – Happy Diwali

28 weeks – giving avocado a try

28 weeks – no thanks, I’ll just chew my spoon

28 weeks – Halloween celebration – Mickey, Minnie, and Disney tourist

29 weeks – matching Halloween PJs

29 weeks – A visit from Jo Jo

29 weeks – your first Halloween

29 weeks – wearing purple and walking for Francey

29 weeks – the perfect fall day to remember our girl

30 weeks – movin’ and groovin

30 weeks – 7 months – the flexibility is impressive

30 weeks – back for covid shot round #2

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